Tilpata Road, ICD Dadri, Distt: G.B.Nagar, Greater Noida, UP-201311
Tilpata Road, ICD Dadri, Distt: G.B.Nagar, Greater Noida, UP-201311

Environment sustainability

Environment sustainability

Business sustainability is the practice of operating a business without impacting the environment negatively. A green business functions in the best interests of the local and global environment, meaning it supports the community and economy dependent on a healthy planet. An environmentally aware business considers more than just profits — it considers its impact on society and the environment. Such a business is sustainable because it contributes to the health of the structure within which it operates, thereby helping construct an environment in which the business can thrive. The three components of the triple bottom line are profits, people, and the planet. A sustainable business earns profits by being socially responsible and protecting our use of the planet’s resources.

The CMA CGM Group’s mission is to contribute to more balanced and more inclusive globalization that is more respectful of our natural environments. Our commitment to sustainable development is backed by concrete and tangible actions that are forever more people- and more planet-friendly. Committed to the energy transition, CMA CGM Group is implementing the best available solutions which will reduce the environmental impact of maritime transport and logistics.

CMA CGM is committed to developing a circular economy about its global activities. The desire is also reflected in various initiatives that work to limit the amount of plastic discharged into the natural environment. The Group also seeks to make better use of its waste by recycling its damaged containers and dismantling its end-of-life vessels. We at CMA CGM Logistics Park Dadri Private limited (CCLPD) being part of the Group are aiming towards greener environment and doing our bit.

solar power

Solar power

In keeping with CMA CGM’s Go-Green Initiative, as solar power can help reduce CO2 emissions by virtue of being a clean and renewable source of energy. CCLPD has installed 250kwp solar panels at its premises and is approaching to enhance its capacity to 500kwp. As a tangible, easily quantifiable, green energy asset, solar power is an extremely effective way to meet sustainability targets. While some call it “instant decarbonisation,” commercial solar energy lowers a property’s carbon footprint the moment it begins operating and thus moving towards Group’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Sewage treatment plant (STP)

Considering the urgency of preventing pollution of our water bodies and preserving our precious water resources, sewage treatment and reutilization need to be accorded higher priority. CCLPD has at its premises installed a sewage treatment plant to address the sustainability issues also highlighted by Central Pollution Control Board.

Effluent treatment plant (ETP)

As prerequisite to UP Pollution Control Board and under ISO certification for 45001 and 14001(Environment Management System), CCLPD has also installed ETP as it aids in the decrease of number of discharge sites in an industrial premises, allowing environmental regulatory bodies to better enforce pollution reduction and environmental improvements.